Vigneti Cenci, vini del Franciacorta e La Boscaiola

Quality has always been our passion

Our aspiration is to bring the aromas
of our vineyards to your table

From the passion and dedication of our family come wines with a pure soul, forged using traditional methods and given character by the terroir and the hand of man.

Our wines

vigneti cenci uva bianca
vigneti cenci macchine enologiche

Vigneti Cenci wines belong to La Boscaiola, a place that has always produced wines featuring the hallmark fragrances and aromas typical of the area.


“Life is essentially a never-ending fairy tale”

firma di nelson cenci primo proprietario di vigneti cenci

Franciacorta from Monte Orfano

Where the land, passion and hard work come together in our wines


Working together
towards a shared objective

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for a job well done

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