franciacorta cuvée speciale nelson cenci vigneti cenci

Nelson Cenci Extra Brut

Chardonnay 80% and Pinot Bianco 20%

A Franciacorta that seeks to highlight our late founder’s love for artisan wines.


Made without the use of any liqueur d’expedition, this is a pure product, which, after disgorgement, has been topped up only with the blend it was made from, with just a small dosage of 3 grammes per litre. This is an ultra-sophisticated, top-of-the-range Franciacorta: pure, crisp and linear. The ideal partner for fish crudités, seafood such as oysters (in perfect champenoise style), it can also be enjoyed as an appetizer before lunch or dinner. A single-vintage wine, with a limited number of bottles produced every year.

Alcohol content: 12,5% vol.

Internal pressure: lower than 6 bar

Sugar residue: less than 4 gr/l

Sulphites: less than 70mg/l

Colour: Straw-yellow with greenish reflections

Pairings: Fish crudités and seafood such as oysters.

Serving temperature: 6°C

franciacorta cuvée speciale nelson cenci extra brut
franciacorta cuvée speciale nelson cenci extra brut
Production area
Franciacorta – Cologne. Vineyard located on the slope of Monte Orfano, South-West exposure.

Type of earth
Ancient banked colluvial soil on a rocky substrate of conglomerate gravel.

Vinification technique
Only must from the first pressing used. Temperature-controlled fermentation, followed by a second fermentation on the lees in the bottle for at least 48 months.

Store in a dry place away from the light, at a controlled temperature of lower than 20°C.

Training system
Sylvoz and Guyot.

“Vibrant and engaging, with intriguing notes of fresh fruit and flowers, with a hazelnut and chalk finish. Fresh and dynamic on the palate, with good structure.”

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