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This is the story of a man, his family and their shared passion for nature and for wine.

The Vigneti Cenci vineyards are located in Cologne, in the Franciacorta area, and are spread across the foot of Monte Orfano, a splendid promontory that cradles our vines and brings character to our grapes.

Monte Orfano is south-facing and benefits from mineral subsoil, making it the perfect terroir for maturing our Pinot Bianco grapes, the jewel in our winery’s crown.

mappa della franciacorta locazione vigneti cenci

It is the Monte Orfano terroir that has always guaranteed our wines their distinctive mineral quality and mature fruit flavour, complemented by their fresh, fruity aromas.

We use only natural grape sugar during both the first and second fermentation, which allows our grapes to reach the perfect level of phenolic maturity, so we can bring all the splendid aromas of our vines right to your table.

Nelson Cenci

It was Nelson Cenci – a physician and writer who served in the Alpini Corps – who came up with the idea of restoring La Boscaiola and its wines to their former splendour, thus breathing new life into a wine-making activity that has always characterised this little corner of the Franciacorta area.


Our team of wine experts

Giuliana Cenci

The daughter of Nelson Cenci, who has worked alongside her father to make La Boscaiola Vigneti Cenci estate what it is today.

Born in Milan, Giuliana decided to move to Franciacorta at the beginning of the 1980s, with her young children, to help her father Nelson develop the business he had set up for fun and out of a passion for wine some years earlier.Giuliana shared her father’s strong belief in the potential and power of the Franciacorta area, and has dedicated her whole life to building and developing the business, focusing exclusively on quality and respect for the land.

Together, they decided to join another thirty wineries in the founding of the Franciacorta Consortium, which has become an important benchmark for the production of Italian sparkling wines.

Maurizio Cenci

Giuliana’s youngest son. He grew up on La Boscaiola with his grandfather Nelson, and has always loved life in the country and among the vineyards, where he spent his free time helping his grandfather.

As the years went by, his studies and a brief working experience took him to Milan, but his heart remained in Franciacorta, where he returned any time he could to help his mother and grandfather with the running of the winery.

A few years ago now, he returned to work full-time for the wine business, striving to continually develop the project created by his grandfather Nelson and nurtured over the years by his mother Giuliana.


An experienced wine and agriculture expert originally from Catania, Massimo moved to La Boscaiola for the 2004 harvest.
This experience inspired him to move to the area permanently, where he became part of the La Boscaiola family, with the aim of fine-tuning the quality of our wines.

It is his skill and passion that have taken our wines up a gear, rendering them increasingly natural and uniquely fragrant.

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