Reserve Red Wine – Cabernet + Merlot

An intense, full-bodied, well-structured, oaked wine. A creation of Nelson Cenci that we’ve been producing for years, always with the same recipe and using the same method. This is a red wine brimming with memories and feelings linked to the book of the same name penned by Nelson himself.

Alcohol content: 13,0 % vol.

Sulphites: less than 70mg/l

Sugar residue: 0 gr/l

Colour: Ruby red

Pairings: Excellent accompaniment for meat main dishes and mature cheeses.

Serving temperature: 12 – 14°C

ritorno vini fermi vigneti cenci
ritorno vini fermi vigneti cenci
Production area
Franciacorta – Cologne. Vineyard located on the slope of Monte Orfano, South-West exposure.

Type of earth
Ancient banked colluvial soil on a rocky substrate of conglomerate gravel.

Vinification technique
Temperature-controlled fermentation, followed by ageing in steel tanks for at least 12 months. Further ageing in the barrel for around 6 months, followed by ageing in the bottle for at least 12 months.

Store in a dry place away from the light, at a controlled temperature of lower than 20°C.

Training system
Sylvoz and Guyot.

“Clean and well-coordinated, with fresh, fruity and pastry notes, and a clear hint of citrus, making it the ideal accompaniment to black Venere rice with orange.”

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